how ketogenic diet is done on long term

Keto updated 30/12/2018Updated ketoMy view how ketogenic diet is done on long must calculate your macros through the carb manager2 you should follow keto strictly without giving cheat days come what may3 whatever macros the,make a deficit of at-least what ever your body can handle4 cook your own food in desi ghee, butter,olive oil, avocado oil, do not order from keto food deliveries until and unless u are sure that they cook with the above oil, do not use conventional oil at all as it will do you no good.5 do not start eating things from coconut flour or almond flour in the first 2 weeks, as give time to your body to adapt to your new life style.6 drink at least 2 cups of bone broth at at least 3 glasses of lemonade a day with pink salt to keep you hydrated7 if you order from Keto deliveries make sure they cook your food in Keto approved oils or butter8 the most difficult is giving up desi food as you are going to reduce weight by looking good, desi food like Karahi, nihari, etc have a lot of carbs as you use tomatoes onions etc in it.9 do not use Shaan masala or national masala or any other as they all have sugars in them.10 one must understand that apps on apple and android show macros of European or US food not Pakistani, so when you check your macros will go wrong and eventually stalling your weight and getting you frustrated.Whatever your macros are do not consume more then 5% net carbs, 20% of protein, and 75% of fat.Have at-least one tablespoon of medium chain triglycerides oil a day,it is more refined then coconut oil to give you energy

  1. If you can go for IF for starting 12 hours then max up to 16 hours.12 do remember black tea that also has 0 carbs that also tapal dandar so drink black tea, coffee or green tea
  2. Do not use sweetner that is not keto approved.
  3. Make your own ketchup. Peanut butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, all at home.15.protein to eat fish, eggs, mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp all allowed in keto
  4. In cheese do not use local cheese as they have no macros and also few carbs, use imported cheese like cheddar, Parmesan, cream cheese,etc
  5. Drink atleast 2 glasses of organic apple cider vinegar by Bragg
  6. If you do it properly you loose flesh will not lag rather get stiff slowly19 in vegetables asparagus, broccoli, baby spinach, cauliflower, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, celery, zucchini and mushrooms
  7. Have saji if you want but not tikka, even no malai boti or behari kebab the reason I say this most food places use added sugar in tikka and even use ketchup to give it the red color and taste and use papaya to soften the meat so again papaya is not allowed so again you are eating added sugars and wrong food
  8. In nuts almonds, walnuts, and pine nuts are allowed but no more than 10 grams a day
  9. Take long sleep, early bed early to rise that way you will not binge at late night when you are hungry23 if you do this properly I promise after 3 weeks you will not feel hungry at all and will easily be on a meal a day24.exercise lightly if you can, but no hard exercise as you are not having carbs, and if you do you will feel hungry.25 make your own jams if you want, YouTube is full of ideas.
  10. Always have a scale to measure what you are eating27 only water and soda water is allowed, no hard or soft drinks at all28 make all your BBQ at home, so u know what you ar using29 make mayo at home with olive oil or avocado oil not conventional oil
  11. Have an avocado a day if your macros allow or at least half a day31.for chocolate desserts use Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa or Lindt chocolate over 80% must take some sort of collagen in keto either by tablets or MCT oil is pure collagen and very goodI personally take collagen injections and collagen tablets but I don’t advice to follow without consulting your doctor
  12. You can drink bullet proof coffee but only if you are not eating a lot of fat, if you are then be careful you can over do the fat.
  13. Eat slim rice or konjac rice they are very low in calories no carbs and very filling.
  14. My advice avoid using constipation tablets, use husk instead if you want36 order keto essentials from simply or Keto.pk37 make salads with iceberg cucumber and mushrooms, drizzle with extra virgin coconut oil not the coconut oil you get in empress market like markets good quality is available at Aghas, springs, Naheed use earth brand extra virgin coconut oil. Fat38 you can also add Greek yogurt full fat no low fat allowed at all and mix with green chutneyto mix in salad38 make your own fat-bombs
  15. As for my self I take 700 to 800 calories a dayI do IF for 12 to 16 hours a day from dinner onwardsI take no more than 5% carbs20% or even less protein75% or a bit more fat a day but in the section of 700 to 800 calories a day and don’t feel hungry at all
  16. If you need good full fat Greek yoghurt order from home chef, they have whey Greek yoghurt which a lady makes and is for 470 for a bottle
  17. Do remember to take potassium and magnesium supplements daily
  18. Once on Keto plz don’t cheat if you do you will be out and difficult to restart43.keto has a lot of health benefits for people suffering from heart, blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy
  19. Plz avoid Resturant food on Keto except those serving Keto food
  20. To tell you the truth I have not eaten at a single Resturant since on Keto, I do socially go out with friends just to have tea or coffee while they have must not buy products that do not have macros and specially check the hidden sugars in it
  21. my success goes to a very close friend of mine who stood by me on all times on Keto and even he had no restaurant food because of me and had my home cooked food and today my success credit all goes to him
  22. Keep changing your macros according to your weight, check your macros on and what ever deficit you want get the macros from there and put on carbmanager or my fitness pal46.if your weight stalls for more then 2 weeks then change your macros and do the fat diet for two days in which protein is almost nil and carbs and get yourself back in ketosis
  23. If you are travelling by road make sure you have your Keto food with you, if by air have your salad or something at airports or on board the airline48.many long distance flights offer you protein meals during flight ✈️ if you pre order when booking
  24. When I can do it everyone can, if your ever need my help I am there in whatsaap and Fb to help out50.lastly as the year 2018 comes to a close and most of us will be busy in the night I wish all the members of this Keto group a very happy ? 2019 and hope you carry on with keto until you have reached your goalMay you and your all have a prosperous year aheadGod bless you allBest regardsAhmed Shahnawaz

Remember if diabetic or any other health problem plZ consult doctor before starting

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